Rope Vanity Tray

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Rope Vanity Tray

Item #: 144525
Special Price $59.00 Regular Price $80.00
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5.5"W x 8"L x .75"H; Nickelplate, Vegan Leather
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CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)


The Rope Collection celebrates the beautiful form and textures found in ropes, both individually and when they are massed together. Michael's version seeks to express the unique undulations and the rough texture created as the ropes are used, particularly in a nautical enviroment. Although appropriate for anyone, the collection was conceived as gifts for the modern gentleman. The objects can be used to accessorize the home or office, and can be used for enjoying an evening drink or even bringing a touch of style to a poker game. It is perfect for the modern aesthete who wants to take ownership of his own elegance and interests.

"On a recent trip to Alaska, I was boarding a ship and I took notice of a large pile of ropes laying on the me, there was something so beautiful, yet intriguing about the rough textures and shapes the ropes created. It got me thinking about the fact that ropes are integral objects for everyday lives. They capture the adventurous spirit of the ocean and the nautical world. They have an inherent vigor as well as a wonderful grace."

Rope Vanity Tray

Special Price $59.00 Regular Price $80.00